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After Hours Magic by Gordon Boyd

Cover of After Hours Magic: A Book of Al Thatcher Card Magic by Gordon BoydThank you for your interest in “After Hours Magic: A Book of Al Thatcher Card Magic” by Gordon Boyd.

This 155 page e-book (pdf) contains 67 card effects by Al Thatcher (the Kindle edition comes out to 236 pages after formatting). While not for the beginning card magician, the effects contained in this book are certainly within the reach of the intermediate card magician. The most difficult sleight would probably be an overhand stock shuffle or the “Elmsley Count”–pretty basic indeed. If you like effects that use the “breather crimp,” you will be pleased with what you find in these pages. Al liked creating effects that used the “breather” and there are many such effects in this book. In short, it is a book that will satisfy the most discerning magician and provide him/her with several effects that are worth many times the price of the book.

Gordon Boyd
June 16, 2014

Updates by Gary Thatcher (January 14, 2018):

  • Coming soon to Amazon! Updated and revised version 2, including updated Kindle and paperback versions.
  • Sleights and shuffles mentioned and used in this book include the Australian deal, Biddle Count, bottom slip shuffle, breather crimp, Charlier shuffle, Cull place shuffle, double buckle, double undercut, Elmsley Count, false cut, false shuffle, gambler’s cop, half pass, halo cut, Hamman Count, Hindu shuffle, jog shuffle, overhand shuffle, pinky break, reverse Faro shuffle, riffle force, running overhand shuffle, spectator peek, straddle Faro shuffle, swing cut, swivel cut, thumb break, and top change.